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Cargo insurance during transportation

cargo insurance

In the complex of logistics services, the Dialog company offers its customers such a service as cargo insurance.

Our company uses exclusively rolling stock with CMR carrier liability insurance. As a rule, the amount of insurance coverage, depending on the type of vehicle, ranges from 100,000 to 150,000 euros, but in some cases the value of the cargo exceeds this limit. In such a situation, vehicles with increased insurance are selected or additional cargo insurance is issued for an amount exceeding the limit.

Only a small part of the market participants understands the intricacies of insurance products; insurance companies use this, avoiding payments in case of problems. For example, according to the legislation there is a clear separation of the concepts of “theft” and “fraud”, and most insurers cover only the first risk.

For many years of work, our specialists have sorted out a number of insurance companies and, on individual terms, agreed on the coverage of all possible risks, which provides a one hundred percent guarantee of compensation for damage in case of its occurrence.

Our “all risks” cargo insurance conditions are the most profitable and reliable solution for the most demanding client. Placement takes place in the largest insurance companies.

Benefits of cargo insurance with the Dialog company:

  • We have extensive experience in risk assessment in the international cargo transportation market in Eastern Europe. Qualified employees of the insurance department quickly assess the cost of insuring any cargo.
  • Our clients are offered favorable rates for cargo insurance, which allow us to reduce insurance costs to a minimum. Low prices are due to the large number of orders for insurance. At the same time, the quality of insurance remains invariably high.
  • Our customers pay for insurance services after the start of the insurance policy.
  • Our staff will assist in organizing the inspection of the damaged cargo and in the subsequent settlement of claims. We are negotiating with the insurance company on prompt payment of compensation.

Confucius: “I will liken the need for insurance to the need for a parachute. If you didn’t have it when you needed it for the first time, you’ll hardly need it the second time.”

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