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Customs clearance services

customs services

Every year, world trade is gaining momentum, while the volume of both import and export operations is increasing. Accordingly, the demand for customs services, which are an integral part of the logistics process, is growing.

For most companies, entering the international market is a key stage in business development. However, export-import operations are often fraught with problems associated with customs clearance. So that the goods are not delayed at the border and are delivered to their destination on time, it is necessary to correctly draw up all the necessary documents for passing customs control.

It is impossible to do this without studying customs legislation. And especially when it comes to international transport, when you have to deal with the customs codes of several states at once. In this case, you simply cannot do without the services of professionals in the field of logistics.

The customs clearance procedure implies the fulfillment of all the necessary formalities related to the movement of goods across the border or a change in the customs regime. Dialog LTD provides a full range of customs support, including:

  • consultation on customs actions, informing within the framework of delivery and the specifics of customs escort of your goods.
  • preparation of the necessary package in accordance with the EAEU Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity.
  • filing a customs declaration containing complete information about your product.
  • calculation of customs payments, depending on the code and value of the declared cargo.
  • payment of customs duties, if necessary, acceptance of cargo at the temporary storage warehouse, on the territory of the ZTK.
  • in case of occurrence, control of customs inspection of the cargo and release of cargo from the customs terminal.
  • receipt of documents executed by customs authorities after customs clearance and provision of originals to the Customer.

As a rule, immediately after the cargo arrives at customs, a customs clearance procedure should be carried out (in other words, “customs clearance” of the cargo). This customs clearance procedure is one of the most important, since for its successful completion it is necessary to correctly draw up a large amount of documentation.

Every mistake made in customs clearance leads to a loss of time and additional financial costs for the Consignee. The specialists of Dialog LTD have the necessary qualifications and extensive experience in customs clearance, therefore, they will fill out and execute all the necessary documents without errors and in the shortest possible time.

In some cases, according to the wishes of the Customers, we completely issue the contact to our organization, acting as the recipient of the cargo according to the documents! In this case, our organization performs all the functions of a Participant in foreign economic activity, such as:

  • conclusion of contracts directly with the Seller or the Buyer of the goods.
  • execution of a foreign exchange contract, taking into account the formation of a transaction passport in our Bank.
  • payment from the currency account of the value of the goods with the guarantee of passing the Currency control.

In the case, a special place is given to the use of logistic schemes in compliance with local customs legislation and international law. The specialists of our company thoroughly know all the features of customs legislation and in practice apply the entire sequence of actions to move any goods across the customs border, both when imported into Russia and when exported to the countries of the European Union or Turkey. The result of cooperation with the Dialog Company is the receipt by the client of a customs clearance and a full set of necessary documents.

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