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Groupage cargo transportation

Groupage cargo transportation

Each developing company in its economic activity is interested in reducing costs and increasing profits. One of the tools to achieve these goals is the optimization of supply chains. Timely planning of the required volume of purchased goods can provide a reduction in the cost of each specific delivery. Transportation of cargo as part of groupage cargo allows you to reduce the cost of supplying goods.

Unlike most logistics operators that are engaged in a similar type of activity, Dialog LTD completes both standard Euro-trucks, which can carry up to 15 customers at a time, and light vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 1.5 tons, designed for 2-3 clients. This significantly increases the speed of delivery of goods to the customer’s address and maintains approximately the same price level in comparison with heavy transport. This result is achieved through proper planning of transportation, which allows you to avoid overloading at consolidation warehouses, collecting goods at once by passing vehicles.

The cost of transportation is calculated individually based on the weight, volume and nature of the transported cargo. Every Client is important to us, regardless of whether it is 1 kilogram or 20 tons of cargo. The managers of our company will carefully examine your wishes and offer optimal conditions and a competitive rate.

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