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Warehouse services

warehouse services

Warehousing services are an extremely important stage in the supply chain. They imply not only safekeeping, but also the functions of consolidation for the subsequent shipment of the goods to the recipient.

A developed network of partner warehouse terminals both in Europe and in the CIS countries is able to meet all the needs of customers at the most favorable prices. Our company provides services for the consolidation, storage, processing and dispatch of goods.

Our competitive advantage is our own warehouse on the border of the European Union and Belarus, in the city of Siedlce, Poland.

From the point of view of geographical coverage for the delivery of goods from different regions of Europe, our warehouse is the most successful, since most of the traffic flows intersect here.

We provide a modern and technically equipped warehouse complex. Thanks to the functionality of the premises, we are ready to perform any manipulations with cargo, including:

  • Storage of any cargo, including hazardous (ADR)
  • Loading and unloading of all types of transport
  • Moving loads
  • Packaging and repackaging
  • Marking in accordance with established standards
  • Control check
  • Thorough search, with a full autopsy and photo report

Taking into account the logistic capabilities of Dialog LTD, we are ready to collect both small and large consignments of goods from any point of the European Union to our warehouse.

Modern technical means allow you to quickly receive and transmit data on the arrival of goods at the warehouse, carrying out high-quality processing of the cargo and accompanying documentation, sending information to the e-mail address indicated by you.

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