We deliver goods to the EU countries, Turkey, Russia and the CIS countries - carefully, quickly, economically.

Transportation of personal belongings

Transportation of personal belongings

The company Dialog LTD provides services and transportation of personal belongings from the countries of the European Union to Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in the opposite direction.

As a rule, these transportations require a small-tonnage transport, in most cases with a rigid side or an all-metal body. Depending on the weight and volume of the transported cargo, the managers of our company will select the best vehicle and plan the shortest transportation route.

By contacting our company, you will receive a full service of international transportation, namely:

  • preliminary consulting and cost calculation;
  • registration of an application for transportation, taking into account the planned date of car delivery;
  • proper packing of your cargo;
  • responsible loading with recalculation of cargo spaces by the driver;
  • preparation of the necessary package of documents for transportation;
  • customs clearance corresponding to the type of cargo transported;
  • prompt transportation along the agreed route;
  • customs clearance with documentary marks of the customs authorities on the release of the goods;
  • unloading by our company.

The list of services and their cost is agreed upon until the moment of drawing up an application for transportation, excluding hidden fees.

We value your time and nerves in such a delicate transportation, we carefully load and transport carefully using the rolling stock on air suspension. The specialists of our company will take into account your wishes and think over all the nuances in such a unique transportation.

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