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How we work

Transportation of trees 01.04.2021  ·  How we work

Transportation of trees

The company “Dialog” is professionally engaged in the transportation of trees and various kinds of plants. As a rule, such transportation is carried out by curtainsider semi-trailers. Given the fact that loading takes place on...Further

Transportation of expensive equipment 08.02.2021  ·  How we work

Transportation of expensive equipment

Transportation of Siemens Power Circuit Breaker to the plant in Voronezh. The equipment is expensive, equipped with “shock sensors”, which shows how accurately it was delivered to the recipient. Acceptance, loading, as well as unloading takes...Further

Transportation of cargo in an all-metal body 08.02.2021  ·  How we work

Transportation of cargo in an all-metal body

Transportation from Italy in an all-metal Mercedes Sprinter of industrial fabrics containing 85 wt. % or more polyester fibers. This method of loading allows loading “in bulk”, due to the fact that the rigid body provides reliable...Further

Transportation of pumps from Belgium to Moscow 05.02.2021  ·  How we work

Transportation of pumps from Belgium to Moscow

Transportation of equipment – positive displacement positive displacement pumps and others for pumping liquids according to the TN VED code 8413508000, as well as spare parts for them. In this case, an urgent delivery from Belgium to...Further

Express delivery of goods 24.09.2020  ·  How we work

Express delivery of goods

Urgent transportation of small consignments of goods from Western Europe to the Russian Federation and the CIS in vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 1.5 tons. Professional, neat fastening of each load, which ensures gentle...Further

Groupage cargo 24.09.2020  ·  How we work

Groupage cargo

Transportation of groupage cargo, taking into account the optimal placement in the cargo hold for maximum loading of each vehicle. Such a scheme ensures lower transportation costs for each client. Experienced drivers, trained in groupage...Further

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