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Transportation of dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods

A separate important area of ​​activity of the company Dialog LTD is the transportation of dangerous goods. Such goods are distributed depending on the hazard class, while having their own regulated transportation standards.

The standards are described in the international agreement of ADR, as well as in GOST. There are 9 classes in total, dividing goods according to the degree of danger.

Due to the fact that dangerous goods can pose potential harm to humans or the environment, transportation is carried out by special marked vehicles equipped with the necessary means to prevent or localize possible consequences caused by damage to packaging or an accident. The drivers of such vehicles have a long experience of cargo transportation, undergo training and special training, are regularly re-certified according to the rules for the transport of dangerous goods.

There are certain requirements for issuing a CMR waybill for the transport of dangerous goods. An entry like the example below must contain MANDATORY:

UN number: UN 1263
Hazard class: 3
Packing group: III (or acceptable VGIII \ PGIII. The number here must be necessarily Roman)
Tunnel passage code: (D \ E)

IMPORTANT TO BE OBSERVED: this chain of information
UN1263, PAINT RELATED MATERIAL, 3, III (D / E) must not be violated !!! Everything should be spelled out in exactly this sequence in order to avoid possible fines from the inspection authorities.

It is allowed to transport dangerous goods, without ADR permission in small quantities (LQ is an abbreviation of the English term “Limited Quantities”, which in translation means – limited quantity).

The specialists of our company are ready to calculate, based on the parameters of your cargo, whether you need a car with a permit for the transport of dangerous goods, or you can save your budget and deliver it with an ordinary car.

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