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Transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo

For 10 years, the Dialog company has been professionally organizing the transportation of oversized or heavy cargo from Europe to Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in the opposite direction.

The transported products fall under the oversized category if their parameters exceed:

  • in height 3 meters;
  • in length 13.6 meters;
  • in width 2.5 meters;
  • by weight over 25 tons;
  • loads with a displaced center of gravity.

Most of the transportation of this type is carried out by specialized low-loader trawls, however, in certain cases, a significant part of the cargo can be transported on standard mega trailers, completely or partially dismantling the awning, which significantly reduces transportation costs.

For an accurate calculation of the costs of oversized transportation, the timing of the production of transportation permits, the study of the route and the duration of the transportation itself, you just need to inform the place of loading, the address of delivery and the parameters of the cargo.

We organize the import and export of oversized cargo on a turnkey basis, from the preparation of documents to transportation and unloading. We work with the following groups of oversized items:

  • agricultural equipment
  • road, special and construction equipment
  • machines, units and equipment
  • equipment for the boiler industry
  • metal structures of various types
  • concrete products
  • equipment for the oil and drilling industry
  • barrels, cisterns, reservoirs
  • aerodrome equipment

Having rich experience in organizing oversized and heavy transportation, our company’s specialists will deliver your cargo with minimal costs, along the optimal route within the agreed time.

Trust such responsible transportation to professionals.

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