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Transportation of high-value goods

Transportation of high-value goods

For 10 years, our company has been responsible for the transportation of expensive and valuable goods (for example: textiles, various types of equipment, machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc., where the cost of customs payments exceeds 50,000 Euro).

Such transportation requires the utmost attention and persistent moral qualities of the drivers. A strict process of loading and securing cargo is important, as well as compliance with a certain speed limit with the choice of a safe route.

Stops along the route of transport are exclusively at checked guarded parking lots, closed from external access. Monitoring of vehicle movement along the entire route occurs around the clock by tracking the location through a satellite system.

Regardless of the weight and volume of the cargo, the managers of our company will advise and select the best car. Dialog LTD has both a low-tonnage transport with a carrying capacity of 1.5 to 6 tons, and standard Euro-trucks that have a Customs Carrier License, with increased liability insurance for each case!

In some cases, at the request of the client, we are ready to provide an All-metal body, which is most often used for batches with boxes of compact packing (for example: clothes, shoes, jewelry, furniture, accessories, etc.).

Any Consignee is interested in ensuring that his goods are delivered efficiently, safely and promptly. Trust your cargo to our professionals who are competent in the transport of high value cargo.

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