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Transportation of goods with temperature control

Transportation of goods with temperature control

An actively developing area is refrigerated transportation of goods with a certain temperature regime, (for example: food, vegetables, fruits, flowers, perishable goods, chemicals, medicines, as well as products of the meat and fish industries, including deep freezing).

For these purposes, our company uses a modern rolling stock with a working Termopits, which fixes the given mode of transportation throughout the entire route.

The temperature range, depending on the conditions and nature of the transported goods, cars are able to withstand from -20C ° to + 20C °. The geography of transportation covers the countries of the European Union, Turkey to Russia and the CIS countries, as well as in the opposite direction.

In addition to standard Refrigerated semi-trailers with a volume of 88 m3, designed for 33 euro pallets, our company uses low-tonnage vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1 to 5 tons, with an autonomous refrigeration unit. Such vehicles are significantly ahead of heavy trucks in terms of delivery speed and are significantly cheaper in terms of transportation costs.

About 30% of the vehicles we use have ADR permits for the transport of dangerous goods (for example: chemicals and their derivatives, which, as a rule, cannot be cooled).

Our company has accumulated rich experience in the transportation of goods with various temperature regimes. Carefully working out the logistics chain, managers will deliver your cargo to the specified point at a high professional level.

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